What are the main steps to order a new product?

  • Updated

New products can be ordered via your existing account on mapeo.be. Follow the below steps:


New products

  • choose an existing location, and select ‘Order products’ in the top right corner of the panel. If the location does not yet exist, you can create a new location

  • select the application (crop) type for which you are interested in ordering a new product

  • select one (or more) products and check the ‘Order overview’ panel to select the date(s) for which you would like a product.

  • once you are ready to submit your order, you can select ‘Finalize order’.


    Note: As you are drafting your order, you can select ‘Update draft’ to save your inputs without submitting an order request.  Once finalized, the order will be sent to the MAPEO sales team to process your request. We will contact you with an estimate of the pricing for your request and further information on the next steps for your order.