What are the main steps to order a new product?

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New products can be ordered within the “My Orders” view of your MAPEO account. Once submitted the order, you’ll receive a price quotation which you can accept, cancel or still edit. Once an order is accepted, all missions of the order will become available in the field software.

Note: demonstration accounts are not allowed to accept an order. If you want to convert your demonstration account to a full account, please contact our helpcenter.


Create a draft order

  • Go to the My Orders tab and click “Create orders”
  • Choose an existing site and select the application (crop) type of your field
  • Define the Invoice entity, Address and VAT information. This information will be used for invoicing and can also be defined at a later stage.
  • Select an Invoice Reference number from a pre-defined list. This information will be used for invoicing and can also be defined at a later stage. If you need specific Invoice reference number(s), please contact our help center such that we can add this/these number(s) to your account.

draft order.png

  • Select one (or more) traits from the dropdown menu.
  • Select one (or more) dates in the agenda. By default, all dates will be filled with all traits. This can be customized according to your preferences.
  • In the Drone Mission Specs and Pricing tab, you’ll see per date the details of which particular drone mission spec is required and what is the processing price.
  • If you are satisfied with the order, click on “Create Order” at the top of the page. This will generate a draft order which still can be edited later.



Submit, edit or delete the order

  • Once new orders are created, you can submit, edit or delete the order. Submitting the order will allow you to calculate the total price of the order and continue with the approval stage. Editing the order can be done by double selecting the order itself and click on “edit”. You’ll see the same wizard as shown above. Deleting the order will remove the order from the list of orders. 



Approve the order

  • After submitting the order, you can review the total price and approve or cancel the order. You can still change invoice details with “Edit”. When drone product changes are needed, you can “Reset to draft” which resets the status of the order to draft.


  • Once your order is approved, all missions of the order will become available for upload. You can go to the order details to check drone missions specs per date and give clear instructions to your pilot on when and how to fly. Please note that the drone missionIDs will only become available after that you finalize the boundaries of the location : https://support.mapeo.be/hc/en-us/articles/4799444934428-How-to-finalize-the-location 


If you need more information on the different products which can be ordered per industry, please check out our MAPEO Applications