Troubleshooting Windows

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Java/JDK setup 

Starting April 2019, Oracle Java requires licensing for commercial use. Hence, the download at (first result in Google) is outdated and also limited to personal or demonstration use.

If you intend to use the application commercially, and you don’t have a Java license, we recommend installing OpenJDK, for which Adoptium (Eclipse foundation, used to be AdoptOpenJDK) provides a distributable at

An alternative complete JDK can also be download at


Removing old Java versions

If you do not require a specific Java version for other applications, it’s recommended to remove older version(s) of Java if any are present.

Administrator permission will be required, refer to this guide how to proceed:



Installing a compatible Java version

You can download OpenJDK from the Eclipse foundation OpenJDK distribution site:


Either you download the proposed most recent version (160 MB):



Or you can download a smaller JRE installer (32 MB):


Select your Operating System and architecture. If you have Administrator privileges, select the JRE msi, otherwise if no administrator can perform the install, download the JRE zip:




Run the downloaded installer



Accept license and select “set JAVA_HOME” & “Javasoft (Oracle)”:




Click Next until you reach the end of the installation, and press Finish.

You should now be able to double click on the jar file to open it.


In case you have issues installing, refer to for platform specific setup guides.



Creating a bat file for starting the application (Optional)


If Java is installed on your system, you can run the jar file with the “<path-to-correct-java> -jar <path_to_jar>” command.


In Windows, you could for example make a “fieldsoftware.bat” file with a text editor in the same folder where the jar file is located. It should contain a line like this:


cmd /K "<optional-path-where-java-is-installed>java -Xmx1024m -jar MAPEO-Field-Software.jar"



Renaming the MapEO-Field-Software-<version>.jar to MAPEO-Field-Software.jar avoids having to edit this batch file each time there is an update of the software. However, this is not recommended.


Double-clicking on this bat file will leave a “cmd.exe window” open, so you can see any output error message.

After closing the application, you will still need to close this window separately.



Solving a Java Headspace warning or OutOfMemory issue

You might get one of the warning messages displayed below. This can occur when the application is started on a machine with low memory, or if you are using an older version of Java.





Make sure to shut down the application and save your files.


Once the application is closed down, please install the minimum Java version specified in this manual.


If this does not solve the issue, try creating a bat file as described in the previous section.

Should the problem persist, try with the “-Xmx2048m” memory setting if your system has more than 2GB of memory.