What is the difference between a demonstration and an active account?

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Demonstration vs active account

When logging in onto the MAPEO website, a demonstration account gives you almost all the functionalities of an active account, with preloaded demonstration datasets. The only limited functionalities are in saving annotations or field design (although you can practice designing your fields without saving), and exporting statistics from the datasets. The demonstration data set is meant to give you an example of the possibilities of MAPEO for your specific applications and will be replaced by data from your fields when your account is activated.

(Active) admin vs pilot account

Once your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail with 2 logins, one for the 'administrator' (*_admin) and one for the 'pilot' (*_pilot).

The 'administrator' login provides full access to the MAPEO website for ordering/analyzing/downloading data products and to the MAPEO Field Software for importing/quality checking/uploading the acquired drone data and downloading the resulting data products afterwards.

The 'pilot' login only provides access to the MAPEO Field Software, thereby not allowing to download resulting data products.