Which type of Ground Control Points (GCPs) do I use?

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To ensure maximum accuracy and a smooth data processing chain, we require the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs) with all our drone flights.

Below you find a description of the type of materials you should use for the GCPs and the ground pegs to secure them. GCPs should be purchased by the customer/site manager, supplier information can be requested from VITO. If needed the GCPs can also be provided by VITO.

Detailed instructions on placing  and measuring the GCPs in the field can be found in How do I place and measure GCPs in the field?


The ground control points should be:

  • flat banners
  • having a size of at least 0.5m*0.5m
  • having a black-white checkerboard pattern
  • having holes at the 4 corners

Tent pegs or root cloth ground pegs should be used to securely pin them down to the ground ,to prevent movement.