What are the main functions of the MAPEO viewer?

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The MAPEO viewer is used to visualize the drone imagery collected for a particular location, as well as all calculated indices and plots drawn by the user. The viewer can be seen below, with detailed descriptions of each function described by the number:


  1. Processing jobs panel: here you can check the status of submitted processing jobs. Once jobs have been processed, you can use this panel to download the results to your computer.
  2. Viewer: here you can see the layers selected in the left-hand side panel, as well as any plots you have drawn to calculate statistics.
  3. Zoom settings: here you can zoom in/out of the imagery. You can also zoom with the scroll wheel of your mouse.
  4. Zoom to full extent: this button resets the zoom to the full layer extent.
  5. Choose map layers: here you can choose to see visualize your location boundaries, see a satellite layer, or change the order in which your layers are visualized in the viewer.
  6. Toggle location tracking: this button allows you to turn your location tracking on/off to view your current location in the viewer.
  7. Map interactions: here you can choose to activate click interaction, which allows you to see information from all active map layers at any specific location in the viewer. This can allow you to compare index values for example, or to check plant height in different locations before you download the data for analysis. 
  8. Timeline: this feature allows you to select different time points (corresponding to different flights) to view the imagery for those time points. This feature is only available if you have ordered more than one drone flight for that specific location.