What is the output format of the GCP coordinates?

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We actively support following coordinate systems:

  • UTM coordinate systems with global ellipsoidal datum (EPSG:5773) -> “Google Earth height”
  • EPSG:4326
  • EPSG:31730

In case coordinates are supplied in other coordinate systems, MAPEO will convert the coordinates to the UTM coordinate systems of your zone with reference to the global ellipsoid datum (EPSG:5773) 

The surveyor responsible for recording the coordinates of the GCPs should store the original measurement file so that metadata can be retrieved afterwards if necessary, for debugging (e.g. to verify measurements had a fix solution instead of float, standard deviations, …)

The GCP coordinates file to be uploaded to MapEO has to be in .csv or .txt format, following this template and clearly indicating the EPSG code of their coordinate in the header of the file:


In case multiple measurements where done per GCP, output looks as follows: