How do I upload the GCP coordinates to MapEO?

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GCPs guarantee the accuracy and consistency in your data products, but they obviously also complicate the drone operations quite a bit, see following blog post on the topic:


Before uploading GCP coordinates to MAPEO, please ensure that your coordinates follow the required template. If your .csv file is ready according to the template, you can navigate to your location of interest in MAPEO, and scroll down in the left-hand side panel to find Manage GCPs


Click on Upload GCP Points, and navigate to the folder which contains the .csv file with your GCP coordinates. Once you upload the GCP points, you should see them appear both in the left-hand side panel, and in the MAPEO viewer on the right-hand side. Please recall that we will actively support following coordinate systems:

  • UTM coordinate systems with global ellipsoidal datum (EPSG:5773) -> “Google
    Earth height”
  • EPSG:4326
  • EPSG:31730

In case coordinates are supplied in other coordinate systems, MAPEO will convert the coordinates to the UTM coordinate systems of your zone with reference to the global ellipsoid datum (EPSG:5773)



The quality of the ground control points can also be analyzed with MAPEO. In case you upload a GCP file with coordinates which are located within 1m distance from each other, the mean X,Y and Z value will be calculated and standard deviation between those point set as point accuracy. In case the accuracy is lower than 5cm, the involved GCP coordinates will not be uploaded. This feature supports users who take several independent measurements for GCPs as additional check for their positional accuracy.


From there, you can adjust your location boundaries if needed before finalizing the location.