How to browse the MAPEO Field Software GUI?

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The left window border of the Field Software GUI provides access to tabbed pages, each providing specific views and interfaces to guide the user through the complete process from mission creation to mission data verification, mission data upload and download of the processed products.

Below you find a brief overview, all details can be found in the  Field Software user manual.

The following tab pages are identified:

mceclip0.png              Mission overview

The mission overview page is the actual Field Software starting page, showing the mission map and the mission list. When no missions have been created yet, a world map will be shown.
As soon as missions have been saved, the mission map will show their locations and t
he mission list will provide their details.

The buttons on this page allow the user to create new missions or to load data from a previously stored mission.


mceclip1.png             Mission creation

The mission creation page guides the user through the following steps:

  • Mission (flight and) profile selection
  • Mission data selection
  • Mission flight description

mceclip2.png             Mission validation

The mission validation page shows the results of the quality checks that have been applied to the mission data.


mceclip3.png             Mission upload

The mission upload page allows the user to upload the mission data to the MAPEO back-end for further processing.


mceclip4.png             Mission profile settings

The mission profile settings page allows the user to modify the mission profile.


mceclip5.png             Mission download

The mission download page allows the user to select processed datasets for download.

Note that the download functionality is only provided for administrator accounts, not for pilot accounts!