What is MAPEO?

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MAPEO is an end-to-end drone-based image processing solution serving different applications and industries. A multitude of tools, algorithms, products and training material are developed along with our partners and integrated in operational services, ready to be integrated into operational workflows. 


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MAPEO gives you access to high-quality drone image processing and analytics.

The processing chain supports a large selection of drones and sensors, giving clients the option to let their technical specialists perform the drone flights or outsource to third party companies.

After data has been uploaded to MAPEO, numerous application-specific image products can be generated with no or limited operator interaction, using custom-designed algorithms and analytics.

MAPEO provides an easy-to-use interface for ordering and visualizing these products, extracting statistical information and downloading the data products.

Besides these operational services, the MAPEO team also provides consultancy to assist clients:

  • with the integration of drone operations into their organization, through the MAPEO Academy
  • in their research activities, e.g. facilitating lab and field validation or assisting in research towards innovative traits

Watch the MAPEO phenotyping video to see the bigger picture, or visit the MAPEO website, request a demo account and get some hands-on experience with the MAPEO platform.