How to create a field layout?

  • Updated

When creating a field layout, you have two options to delineate the fields in your MAPEO location:

Draw the field manually

  • Under Field Layout, click +ADD draw your field of interest in the MAPEO viewer. Note that you can finish drawing a field by connecting the last point to the first point of the field polygon.


  • Once you have drawn a field layout, you can modify the polygon mceclip2.png, delete the polygon mceclip3.png, or move the polygon mceclip4.png to a different part of the field.
  • Remember to save your progress once you are finished drawing the field layout

Import a shapefile

  • Ensure your shapefile has all necessary files (.shp, .dbf, .prj), which should then be added to a .zip file
  • Press the import button and upload your .zip file mceclip0.png