How to create a plot?

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Delineating individual plots directly in MAPEO allows you to compare different treatments or varieties of crops, especially for phenotyping purposes. Under the Field Data panel, you can select Draw Plots, and define the outer boundaries of the field of interest in the MAPEO viewer.


In the Field Data panel, you can then select the number of rows and columns in the field to correctly separate the individual plots.


The Buffer rows/columns option allows you to add spacing between individual plots.


Once your plots are correctly delineated, you can click Next to define the plot IDs. Here you can choose at which corner of the field to start the numbering process, and you can decide the starting id numbers to correspond to your own plot records. This feature will create a gridded set of plot IDs that will generate a unique row/column ID for each plot, allowing you to conduct plot-level statistics on the various layers in MAPEO.