Precision agriculture

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Precision agriculture/smart farming refers to the use of information and data management technologies in agriculture. It is crucial not only to improve financial performance, but also to meet the needs of the growing population.  

Intelligent farming helps in: improving crop health, reducing the ecological footprint of farming, feeding the increasing global population, providing food security in climate change scenarios, and in achieving higher yields while reducing operating costs.

Through the MAPEO platform, we deliver drone-based information to support intelligent field management decisions. A functional and easy-to-use workflow for agricultural crop monitoring is set-up to enable management steering throughout the growing season. For detailed crop management steering, MAPEO offers different crop indices related with plant health and structure, biomass and height products, as well as AI-driven fruit and flower counting algorithms.

The MAPEO products, specific for precision agriculture are:

  • Basemap: base product to calculate Digital Surface Model. Included together with Crop Cover and Crop Emergence products.
  • Plant Height: Difference between Digital Surface and Digital Terrain model
  • Crop Biomass: measures crop height and crop cover to provide a good estimation of the crop biomass during any growth stage of the crops.
  • Crop Emergence Count: this product uses AI with high resolution drone imagery to count the number of plants in early developmental stages.
  • Crop Emergence Cover: this product is specially designed for measuring (the area of?) crop cover at early developmental stages.
  • Crop Flowering: using colour-based indices, this product identifies the distribution of flowers during the flowering stage of your crop.
  • Crop senescence: this product uses a combination of pigment related indices to estimate the crops’ senescence stage
  • Crop Health: using multispectral drone imagery, this product will calculate a variety of vegetation indices related to plant health and senescence: NDVI, NDRE, PSRI, CIgreen, CIrededge, and MCARI.
  • Crop Health+: this product generates the same indices as above, but at a higher resolution, allowing for better implementation before row closure and during senescence.
  • Crop Infection – Powdery Mildew: specifically designed to identify powdery mildew infections.
  • Crop Objects – Ear Count: specifically designed to count ears/spikes in wheat fields.
  • Crop Objects – Leaf Spots: specifically designed for counting leaf spots on any crop.
  • Crop Objects – Umbel Count: specifically designed to count umbels in onion fields.
  • Crop Objects – Flower Count: specifically designed to count flowers in strawberry fields
  • Crop Thermal: thermal infrared product with radiometric values.


The full list of MAPEO products and detailed product descriptions can be consulted after you login on the MapEO website, in the 'Applications' tabbed page.

If you don't see a specific product you are interested in here, please contact the MAPEO sales team for further options.