How to mount and configure the MicaSense camera for multispectral missions?

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A general user guide for MicaSense sensors is given here:

A detailed description of the RedEdge-M(X) and Altum-PT cameras and their integration possibilities are given here:

Note that for each of the MicaSense cameras, a choice can be made between a quick mount kit and a DJI Skyport mount (Skyport vs Quick Mount Kit – MicaSense Knowledge Base). The extra cost of the DJI Skyport mount brings the availability of communication with the drone through the Payload SDK (PSDK) protocol, which allows, among other things, the camera to be triggered by the autopilot, thereby eliminating the need to set the triggering through the MicaSense app (as described below).


Before the first flight with the MicaSense camera, make sure to perform the magnetometer calibration.

Before taking off and immediately after landing, make sure to take 3 pictures of the calibration targets.


Mounting a MicaSense camera on an Inspire1


• Convert the drone out of travel mode to upward position and shut it down

• Securely attach the MicaSense camera to the drone using the DJI quick mount

• Place the GPS and light sensor by unscrewing the two silver screws on the drone

• Insert the wifi dongle and a formatted SD card in the camera. (use the SD card which comes with the camera. If you are using another SD card, make sure that card format is FAT32)

• Plug in the cable coming from the GPS/DLS (be careful with the cables)

• Check all cables and solid attachment of the camera doublechecking the 5° forward angle of the camera.

• Turn on the drone and check if the blue LED of the MicaSense GPS is lighting.



Mounting a MicaSense camera on a M200 series drone:

Mounting a MicaSense camera on a M300 series drone:


Configuring the MicaSense camera

After Installing the camera on the drone and before going to the field, the flight altitude of your next mission should be properly configured.

  • Power on the drone and ensure that camera is powered as well
  • Insert WIFI dongle on the camera
  • Connect to the camera using WIFI via your ipad or phone (see picture below)
  • Go to following page in your browser (see picture below)
  • Only in case you are using the Quick Mount kit, set the following camera capture configuration (settings tab):
    • Auto-capture mode: overlap
    • Target altitude: Set mission altitude in meter
    • Along-track Overlap: 80%
    • Check the GPS status: Green blinking line in the GPS
  • Image format should be TIF (default)

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