Which drone/camera/flight software should I use?

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When selecting the platform/sensor combination, the pilot should carefully check the received mission specifications, which are a combination of required sensor and required data resolution.

For RGB missions this can be:

  • RGB-1-1: RGB sensor with 1mm resolution
  • RGB-2-1: RGB sensor with 2mm resolution
  • RGB-5-1 RGB sensor with 5mm resolution
  • RGB-10-1: RGB sensor with 10mm resolution

For multi-spectral (MSP) missions this can be:

  • MSP-10-1: MSP sensor with 1cm resolution
  • MSP-20-1: MSP sensor with 2cm resolution
  • MSP-30-1: MSP sensor with 3cm resolution
  • MSP-50-1 MSP sensor with 5cm resolution
  • MSP-100-1: MSP sensor with 10cm resolution

Following table provides the links to the lists of drones/sensors/flight software applications which can be used. In case you would need to fly another drone/camera or want to use another flight software, please contact your drone coordinator and VITO contact person.

Before performing the drone flights, the pilot will ensure that:

  • the drone, sensor and associated equipment have the latest firmware available
  • all the equipment (IMU, compass, etc.) has been properly calibrated before each flight



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