Wich camera to use for RGB flights ?

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When selecting the camera to be used, the pilot should carefully check the received mission specifications, which are a combination of required sensor and required data resolution.

Following table lists all cameras which can be used for the RGB missions.

Note that the FOV (Field Of View) mentioned is the horizontal/across-track FOV, which is depending on the lens focal length.

Guidelines on camera configuration are provided in this article.

In case you would need to use another camera please contact your coordinator and VITO contact person.

Camera RGB



Flight height and acceptable drone mission specs


Mavic 3E/M/T

Resolution : 20 MP

HFOV: 84°

38m - RGB-10-1

19m - RGB-5-1

Phantom4 pro camera

Resolution : 20 MP

HFOV: 73°

36m - RGB-10-1

18m - RGB-5-1

Mavic 2 pro camera

Resolution : 20MP

HFOV: 65°

44m - RGB-10-1

22m - RGB-5-1


Zenmuse X4s

Resolution: 20MP

HFOV: 73°

34m - RGB-10-1

17m - RGB-5-1


Zenmuse X5s

Resolution: 20.8MP

HFOV: 101°/88°

15mm lens

44m - RGB-10-1

22m - RGB-5-1

12mm lens

34m - RGB-10-1

17m - RGB-5-1

Zenmuse X7

Resolution: 24MP

HFOV: 73°/52°/37°

16mm lens

40m - RGB-10-1

20m - RGB-5-1

8m - RGB-2-1

24mm lens

64m - RGB-10-1

32m - RGB-5-1

13m - RGB-2-1

35mm lens

90m - RGB-10-1

45m - RGB-5-1

18m - RGB-2-1

Zenmuse P1

Resolution: 45MP

HFOV: 52°

35mm lens

84m - RGB-10-1

42m -RGB-5-1

18m - RGB-2-1

PhaseOne P3

Resolution: 100MP

HFOV: 31°

80mm lens

107m - RGB-5-1

43m - RGB-2-1