How to verify image overlap and coverage?

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Once the automatic flight line detection has been verified, you need to check whether there is enough image overlap to ensure qualitative data products.

For this, the flight height should contain the correct value, namely the actual median height above ground. If the flight height estimated by the tool (based on Exif data) is not correct, enter the correct height manually.

Then click on the “Validate overlap” button. The colors used indicate the number of images per location within the region of interest.


If locations with <5 images are present, product quality is likely to be affected and one should consider re-flying the mission!




Not acceptable, re-fly the mission:



Note that you can see which parameters are used for the overlap calculation on the bottom of the validation screen (based on profile settings, Exif data & height).


When the drone imagery is fully covering the ROI and there is enough overlap, press the 'Next' button to continue by checking/editing the mission flight description.