How to verify the image quality ?

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After the acquired drone data has been added to the mission, it is important to verify the quality of the individual images.


Visualizing the images

Individual drone images can be opened and visualized by clicking the corresponding image position (orange dot) in the map window, provided that the current mouse mode is set to “View image”.

At least check the quality of a few images that have been taken at different locations throughout the ROI.



For drone flights performed with micasense multi-spectral cameras, images of the calibration targets should be taken on the ground and included in the mission data.

In the case where these calibration images are available in the data set and their (exif) metadata has been properly filled, they are automatically detected by the Field Software and represented by blue dots. Also inspect these calibration images in that case.



Map controls

Following selection and zooming functionality is provided for the mission map:

  • Click anywhere on the map:
    zoom and centre map so that the mission/ROI/GCPs are best visible (images must be loaded)
  • Ctrl or Shift + drag mouse:
    draws a zoom box
  • Scroll mouse:
    zooms in or out one level
  • Right click:
      • Copy Lat Lon:
        copies Lat Lon coordinate of current mouse position to system clipboard
      • Open Google maps:
        opens the system browser with Google maps on current mouse position
      • Reset visualization:
        in case something went wrong during rendering (white screen), rebuilds the visualization



After the image quality has been checked, you can continue to verify the flight lines.