How to create a new mission and select the drone missionID and camera type?

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Before you can start analyzing the acquired drone data, you need to create a new mission, select the missionID and specify the camera used during the drone flight. 


Mission map and overview

Upon successful authentication, the Field Software starting page is displayed.

The first time the Field Software is being used, this page will show a world map:


As soon as missions have been created and saved  within the Field Software, the mission map will show a zoomed image, in which the mission locations are indicated by blue dots:


In case there are only missions for a single location, the mission map will zoom in on this location:


The mission list will provide an overview of the previously created missions with their details.


Create a new mission

Create a new mission by clicking the “New” button, this will take you to the “Flight and mission profile selection” page.



Load an existing mission

To load an existing mission, select the mission from the mission list and click the "Load settings" button, this will take you to the “Flight and mission profile selection” page.



Select the proper flight and mission profile

When drone flights have been pre-ordered through the MapEO website, an overview of these flights will be available for selection in the Field Software.

Sort the flights on Mission ID, Date, Application, Location etc by clicking on the corresponding field in the header row.

Use the ‘Search flight’ text box to filter the flight list, e.g. to list all flights of a particular location or to list all flights using a particular camera.

Carefully select the proper missionID!

Continue by selecting the proper mission profile.

The mission profile defines the parameters to be used for the validation of a specific type of missions, it is closely linked to the sensor type. You can choose a predefined profile (managed in the cloud by VITO) or one that you created locally.

In case the sensor you are using is not listed, notify

Once the drone flight has been selected and the mission profile parameters have been properly set, you can continue to the next step of the mission creation, by clicking the “Next” button.