How to verify image metadata ?

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Once the images on the actual flight lines have been selected, every single image will be
validated using the quality parameters that have been set in the mission profile.
If a particular image does not comply to one or more of the metadata validation rules defined inside the profile, it will be highlighted by a red box.


Using the shift+mouse drag combination, you can zoom in on the red box to see which parameter(s) caused the validation to fail for that image. In the example, the max ISO value is exceeded.



When you have one or multiple images not passing the validation, you can:

  • Exclude the image(s) from the selection: set the mouse mode to “-” and drag a box around one or more orange dots to remove the corresponding images from the selection.
  • Return to step1 of the mission creation, using the “Previous” button, and use less stringent thresholds for the data quality checks in the mission profile.
    Check the Field Software user manual for more details (section 'Selecting the mission profile').
  • Tolerate the exception(s)

Note that all the images which are represented by an orange dot, will be discarded during data validation, upload and processing.