Are there any folder/file (naming) conventions when copying drone data to be uploaded to MAPEO?

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File naming convention

We advise to copy the information of the SD-card to a local disk once the drone mission has ended, using the following naming structure:


xxxx                                        field name
yyyymmdd                             acquisition date
zzz                                          camera ID, e.g. RGB or MSP (multi-spectral sensor)


Field1_20191229_ RGB/img


  • In case a particular field/region of interest is flown at the same day with different camera types, e.g. RGB and MSP, these flights are considered part of different missions. This should clearly be indicated in the folder name.
  • In case several drone flights are required to cover 1 large region of interest, data of all these flights are considered as one mission.

Handling duplicate filenames

In case your mission contains duplicate filenames, you do not need to rename them as the Field Software tool offers the functionality to handle this.
The images just need to be located in a common root folder, and can be in different sub-folders, the tool will then rename the files using the sub-folder names (confirmation will be asked via a popup).

Note however that for data originating from a MicaSense Dual Camera Imaging System, duplicate image names between the 2 Camera systems are not allowed and should be removed manually.

Supported file types

Image data files must be provided in one of the following formats:

jpg/jpeg, tif/tiff, png, bmp or dng.