How to edit the mission flight description?

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Most of the mission parameters are prefilled by the Field Software, it is still possible to change some of these parameters manually.



Setting mission name and application type

In case the drone flights have been pre-ordered through the MapEO website, the mission name and application type will be prefilled and cannot be changed by the user.

In case the flights have not been pre-ordered, the user will be able to select the content of these fields from a drop-down list (multiple application types) or the content will be fixed (single application type).

When working in the “Local config” mode, the mission name and application type can be entered manually. Please contact our MAPEO support team in case you want to work with local config mode. 


Setting flight info and platform/sensor type

Most of the mission parameters are extracted from the image metadata and set automatically. These are indicated by a (*) and updated as soon as the image folder has been selected.

The serial numbers of the platform and the camera are not relevant for the processing, they can be added for information completeness.

The forward/side overlap and the number of flight lines are calculated by the flight line detection algorithm in the Field Software.


By clicking on the “Finish” button, all mission data is stored and the mission will appear in the “Mission list” on the “Mission overview” (starting) page. The user can continue with the final validation/quality check before uploading the mission data.