How to verify the overall drone mission quality?

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After proper selection of the mission profile and the mission data and completing the mission flight description, you should review in detail the result of the different validation checks that have been performed on the mission data.

These results are displayed on the mission validation page. Ideally, all validation checks are successful and you can continue with the data upload. In case the validation is not successful, results must be carefully analyzed.


Overall mission validation

The icon used for the mission validation tabbed page can either be:

mceclip0.png the validation is ok, you can proceed with the data upload

mceclip1.png the validation is not ok, errors detected, do not upload the data!


Validation ok


Validation not ok



Individual image validation

The icon used to reflect the result of an individual quality check can either be:

mceclip4.png OK, check passed

mceclip5.png Warning, check not fully passed

mceclip6.png Error, severe issue detected, check not passed

mceclip7.pngInsufficient data to perform check, or error executing check


Warnings are not blocking, but can result in lower quality products if you continue with the data upload.

Errors are blocking issues, which will result in no or bad quality products if you continue with the data upload.

Always look for the cause of detected errors:

When you hover over the icon, you will see more info about the error, for example a list of images giving issues.

In case of issues with individual images, you may need to delete or move corrupt image files and re-read the image folder.

In case of issues with all images, you might even need to re-fly (part of) the mission.


In case of multi-spectral (Micasense) missions, there is an additional quality check on the availability of calibration images. If this important check fails, data cannot be processed and should not be uploaded!

Only in exceptional circumstances where, despite having followed all the recommendations provided in the flight procedures, and after having checked all possible error causes, errors still arise in the mission validation, the mission data should be uploaded.